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I love making art and reading messages.


Eye of a Wolf by Shilvar
by Shilvar

This photo is very interesting photo, because it lends itself to so many interpretations. The person's eyes seem cold and icy. They don...

Tolerance by Bluefire-Amaterasu

I think this is really sweet pic. I'm straight, but I totally agree that humans need to learn to have more tolerance. Everyone should h...


Pictures I found that I really liked.


Nov 27, 2015
7:48 pm
Nov 27, 2015
11:46 am
Nov 21, 2015
6:55 pm
Nov 20, 2015
9:03 am
Nov 20, 2015
1:56 am


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Lofty I know.

But hey as Seinfeld said once

"There's nothing more rewarding than reaching a goal you've set for yourself."


Of course he was talking about suicide, so maybe that's not the best example.

But once I have enough, I'll give some away. Maybe even a Premium or two.

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The 2017 MLP movie will probably be good, but possibly not have a very well thought out plot just like Equestria Girls. Given this possibility, which of these special edition releases sounds the most appealing? I picture a 80 minute theatrical cut 

4 deviants said An extended cut with about 20 minutes added
No deviants said A director's cut with about 20 minutes altered
No deviants said A combo extended-director's cut (20 minutes added, 20 minutes altered)
No deviants said Just leave it alone and pray it doesn't blow as bad as the first Equestria Girls


Happy holidays

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:19 AM
:icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz:

Have a jolly Christmas with lots of goodwill and cheer.

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  • Eating: I don't eat my art
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MOTA Crossovers: The Lord Imorotem by CedarWoods
MOTA Crossovers: The Lord Imorotem
Three versions of The Lord Imorotem from MOTA. A pony version (in all honesty I wasn't sure how to make him look really muscular without imitating Bulk Bicep's look), a really crappy Equestria Girls version (that's the one holding the bow and arrows) the original (with the horns curving under his chin), his war helmet with a human skull attached to it, and his crystal ball.

Next up: Gantomel and Bvisana (if you've looked at the MOTA graphic novel panels I've released so far you'll know who those characters are).

NOTE: The Lord Imorotem has not made an official appearance in the comic, but there are a few pics of him in my gallery. 
So earlier today at about 3:45 or so, a vet came out to our house and put our 14 (would have been 15) year old chocolate lab Lily to sleep. We decided it was time, before she had to struggle through the winter. So now she and her sister are together again. It was sad to let her go, but it was the right thing to do. She seemed peaceful.
  • Mood: Confused
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  • Reading: what I am writing
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A Collection of Really Dumb Quotes

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 11:29 PM

Hi there,

Here's a collection of actual dumb quotes and headlines or head scratchers really. Share it with your friends if you want.

"He'll give you the bird's eye view straight from the horse's mouth."

- radio host John McCauley (Clyde 2, UK)

(I don't think pairing two clichéd phrases counts as intelligence)
Hussey's - Maine's Largest Department Store: 
Guns, Bibles, Wedding Gowns, Cold Beer

- sign outside store in Windsor, Maine

(All the essentials in one handy location... Change the name though)
Warning label on a bottle of aspirin:


(Read this idiotic line and get a headache from the sheer stupidity)
You are invite to visit our restaurant where you can eat the Middle East Foods in a European ambulance

- in a hotel brochure from Ankara Turkey

(Even for people who enjoy fast food, this seems excessive)
Dennett's Wharf on the Watefront, Castine:
We will do your mom for nothing "Again and again" on Mother's Day

- ad for restaurant in Castine Maine

(Do her what? Her taxes? I'm sure she'd be grateful for that)
"Most of us weren't born in America at some point in our lives."

- Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, immigration reform discuss

(I have this feeling most of us were born in China, if stats on population are true)
"We don't know what those other [climate change] cycles were caused by in the past. It could have been dinosaur flatulence. Who knows?"

- Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) talking about global warming

(My sincerest apologies to all the Jurassic Park fans out there)
Q: How long have you been married to her?

A: Nineteen years.

Q: Is that your only marriage?

A: Yes, it is, that I know of.

- actual courtroom testimony

(Cheating bastard I'll bet)
The sermon this morning:
"Jesus Walks on the Water."

The sermon tonight:
"Searching for Jesus."

- from a church bulletin

(Hallelujah! Logic is risen)

- headline

(I never thought of this)
"Come build with me a Temple, not a Tavern, out of the lumber of our lives."

- wedding vow

(I wonder how long till the receiver of these vows just up and shot the giver)
Host of Family Fortunes (UK): "We surveyed a hundred people and asked them to name a way of toasting someone. Michelle?"

Contestant: "Over a fire."

(Let's start with Michelle)
Accomplishments: The Marines is and probably will be the biggest accomplishment I've ever had, even though I wasn't able to join.

Accomplishments: None

- items on actual résumés

(Well at least they're comfortable admitting failure)
Weakest Link host Anne Robinson: "What is the name given to the form of medicine that concerns the health of women?"

Contestant: "Womenology."

(This sounds like it could actually become a real phrase... I'm not poking fun... Oh darn)
Looks like a rat. It's been out awhile. No collar. Better be a reward. Call ....

- classified ad in a Baltimore newspaper

(And by God, if there's no reward I'm gonna bread the little rat-bastard and eat it!)
Feast of the Superb Owl

- church bulletin listing which should have read "Feast of the Super Bowl")

(I like that... From now on I'm praying to the Superb Owl)
Lily of France Bras:

Solid brass handles

Metal suspension with holders

Lock with two keys

- in a department store sales flyer

(I figured out where Lady Gaga gets all her costume ideas)
"I might fade into Bolivian."

- boxer Mike Tyson

(One two many hits to the noggin Mike?)

"I scare nothing! Even you become napkins!"

- English subtitle in a Hong Kong Kung-Fu movie

(I have respect for certain Chinese things... Their translators are not one of them)
Circumcision by Appointment

Urogenital Manipulation

Greek Rural Postman and Their Cancellation Numbers

 Bombproof Your Horse

- actual book titles nominated for The Bookseller magazine's oddest titles award

(Ah, the joy of reading)

And finally (for now)

"I think-tide turning-see, as I remember-I was raised in the desert, but tides kind of-it's easy to see a tide turn-did I say those words?"

- President George W. Bush

(He might be sober now, but I'm pretty sure he drove plenty of Americans to drink)



MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin:thumb202933901:BerryDoc Stampu by LoreHoshikoThistle Stampu by LoreHoshikoBerry Stampu by LoreHoshiko

  • Mood: Joy
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I admit I'm curious about Game of Thrones, and I hear it's really well done, but I also know that it has serious amounts of gore and lots and lots of full nudity/sexuality.

My question to the female crowd is, do you think this is a genuinely good show, or does it simply get a lot of attention because guys are promised the sight of breasts and blood in each episode?

Happy holidays

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:19 AM
:icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz: :icontransparentplz:

Have a jolly Christmas with lots of goodwill and cheer.

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: The sound of typing
  • Reading: what I am writing
  • Watching: You can watch things on DA?
  • Playing: Art can be playful
  • Eating: I don't eat my art
  • Drinking: What are you crazy?


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I have always enjoyed making art. My primary form of expression is through writing. I plan on working in the screenwriting business someday. I'm a Little Monster, an Olivia Benson fan (a Bensonite?) and a semi-Brony.


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